Hi lovely! I'm Hanja and I'm an interior decorator and designer of modern and minimalist decor products for kids.

Being a mother to a (very messy) preschooler, I know just how important it is to have toys and decor products that are washable, practical and made from quality materials. So, wherever we can, we make our products from natural materials, like cotton and linen, and we use the best quality polyester puff balls we can source as filling.

Our products are made (with love!) by a small team in Durban, South Africa. My daughter, Lily, is the official product tester, and only once a product has survived her intense hugging, tea party oopsies and mom's washing, will I add it to our product range.

As an interior decorator, I help busy parents design practical, yet beautiful, Pinterest worthy bedrooms, playrooms and nurseries.

Take a look at our inspiration and shop sections, and if you have any questions, or just feel like bouncing some ideas around, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for stopping by! xx

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